** Note :

1. The option to apply for video conference (VC) Link for hybrid hearing through this portal is available for Miscellaneous Day(s)i.e.Monday & Friday and/or any other day, which has been declared a Miscellaneous Hearing Day.

2. To get a VC Link, one must apply through this portal on or before 08:00 A.M. on the day of the listing of the case.

3. Please note that the Party-in-Person(s) need not apply for VC Link on this portal.The VC link for the court hearings on Miscellaneous Days i.e. Monday & Friday and/or any notified Miscellaneous Hearing Day to the Party-in-Person shall be pushed automatically through email and sms text message by the Registry through the case management software.

4. For further information, please see Circular dated 01.04.2022